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Q. Is insurance premium going to be charged apart from rental fee?
A. Insurance premium is not included in the rental fee. It is from 500 yen to 1500 yen.

Q. I have just got my drver's licence. Can I use the service?
A. Anyone that has driver's licence can use our service. However, temporary licence is not regarded as driver's licence.

Q. How many days in advance can I make a booking?
A. You can make a booking up to one month in advance.

Q. Until when do you accept a booking?
A. You can make a booking up to one hour shy to the starting time, but owner has to approve your request before the booking is confirmed.

Q. Until when can I cancel my booking?
A. You can cancel your booking until one hour before the booking.

Q. What should I do if I will be late to the meeting with the owner?
A. Please contact the owner if you will be late. You are going to be charged from the booked time, but you can change your booking (what time to start) on Mypage.

Q. I am not the one that made a booking. Am I still be allowed to drive the car?
A. We are sorry you cannot. * If somebody else than the person that made a booking drives, compensation system will not be applied.

Q. Is the car equipped with navigation and ETC system?
A. It depends on the car so please ask the owner.

Q. What should I do if I want to extend the drive?
A. You can ask the owner to extend your drive on Mypage. Please contact him/her as soon as possible if you pass the appointed time to return the car. The owner can charge you up to doube the standard fee if you return the car late without telling him/her.

Q. What should I do if trouble occurs while driving?
A. Please call our customer support (xxxxxxxx) immediately when you are involved in car trouble or an accident.

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